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Effectively manage HR operational challenges and empower the employee experience.


HRM Solutions is one of the leading People, Process, and Technology Solutions consultancy that specializes in the global deployment of SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite.

Since 2001, we have built an exceptional track record in delivering solutions that cover a wide range of HR business needs aligning HR with overall corporate business strategies.

We have an outstanding reputation for delivering Human Experience Management solutions. We are a team of experienced Human Resource strategists, SAP HXM implementation specialists, and mobile and AI experts. We have successfully delivered SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management implementations across the globe.


Be a Leading Customer Focused Global Human Experience Management Technology Solutions Company


Commitment to Excellence in Providing Quality People, Process, and Technology Solutions through Innovation

SHARP Gurus - SAP HXM Experts

SHARP GURUS is a group of highly experienced SAP Human Resource Consultants who combine SAP HR-SuccessFactors Application Knowledge and Configuration, HR business processes, change management expertise.

We provide the most experienced specialists to deliver comprehensive SAP implementation services. We share a wealth of best practices, to-be process maps, and operations benchmarks for Human resources function.SHARP GURUS’ expertise lies in many Countries: India, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, and Latin American Countries.

SHARP GURUS was founded on the belief that successful implementations depend on:

  • Highly experienced SAP HR/Payroll consultants
  • Unparalleled focus on HR issues, best practices, and to-be processes
  • Solid agreement regarding the implementation philosophy
  • Selective engagements with clients positioned for success

The SHARP GURUS implementation philosophy is based on:

Rapid Implementation, Knowledge Transfer, and Accelerators for design activities using best practices and established to-be process maps, unparalleled focus on HR issues, benchmarks and best practices.


Implementing the SAP HR and payroll system can be a challenging endeavor. The system is powerful and complex - there are three or four ways to accomplish a given result, and knowing the best way to achieve the result comes only with experience. Along with new system capabilities, many firms undertake a substantial amount of business process change. Once again, knowing how to best fit new business processes and new system capabilities together is not something that is learned in one or two classes, but only through experience. SHARP Gurus has the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your SAP HR and payroll implementation. We believe in collaborating with clients on implementations and throughout the system life cycle. SHARP Gurus not only provides experience and expertise in SAP HR and payroll, but we also work with you to integrate it into your business model. Every client is similar, yet different - just because something works for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Our consultants work with you to provide their experience and services in ways that are meaningful and relevant to your business. Our SAP Implementation Practice is supported by:

  • A focused Implementation strategy and proven methodology
  • A Technology Competency Center
  • Deep-rooted Process expertise
  • Multiple Industry Expertise
  • Country Specific regulations Knowledge
  • A Dedicated Database on SAP HR-SuccessFactors Implementation
  • A talented pool of trained and experienced SAP Project Managers, SAP HR-SuccessFactors Functional Configuration Consultants, Process Consultants, Industry experts

Extensibility - the ability to quickly deploy new capabilities

We believe there are three primary parts to base version implementations

The first part is the actual modules being implemented with the SAP standard functionality.

The second part is the desired level of standard application functionality to be enhanced without modifying the SAP code.

The third part is to ensure they are fully integrated.

HRM Solutions prides itself on having some of the best and brightest Technical architects who are also members of the "SHARP GURUS" who have extensive experience in handling the Second and Third parts of the implementations apart from the First part which is the Core Knowledge of SHARP Gurus.


HRM Solutions, as one of the premier SAP implementation companies, is in a unique position to be able to apply its extensive experience, and broad range of service offerings to assist clients in their successful move to a newer release. Our SAP Upgrade Practice is supported by:

  • A Dedicated Database on SAP upgrade alone
  • Expertise in the integrated ASAP upgrade methodology
  • A talented pool of trained and experienced SAP technical Project Managers, SAP Configuration Consultants and technical experts

System Maintenance and Support

Once the SAP HR system goes live, the work is not necessarily over. The first few months after cutover can be very busy as system support personnel get accustomed to working with the productive system and users perform their tasks in a new environment. We have found that most firms need some assistance in these early days after the cutover to get an effective and stable support model in place. There are not only issues and questions on how to support the technical system, but also from users on how to effectively use the system.

To help your firm get control over system support and the new work environment SHARP Gurus uses a three-phase process utilizing a collaborative team of consultants and customer employees who:

  1. stabilize the system and related business processes with a fortified support framework, then
  2. provide support for the stabilized system to ensure the new support framework takes hold, and then
  3. transition to part-time or as-needed support resources.

The SHARP GURUS implementation philosophy is based on:

Our System Support Process is intended to make your firm more independent and realize the full potential of the SAP HR system.

SAP-HXM Project Management

We are committed to understanding your goals and delivering SAP HXM solutions on your schedule and budget. On any size project at any phase, you'll gain more from SHARP Gurus's proven, in-depth knowledge base, which includes a background in Human Resource business issues. Our implementation experience includes a diverse range of projects delivered across multiple countries using the full spectrum of SAP HXM modules.

Project management expertise:

  • Cost and benefit analysis - Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Overall planning and Implementation management
  • Business / HR transformation / Change management

Audits, Reviews, and Project Consulting

SAP HXM projects are different from other SAP projects - customization is different, and when payroll is involved there can be significant detail in configuration and testing. Since SHARP Gurus specializes in SAP HXM, we know what it takes to get an HR project done on time and with quality. We can help you plan the project, and during the project, our comprehensive Quality Assurance Review can provide you with valuable feedback on the project's status.

SHARP Gurus have a team of consultants who are experienced in performing

  • Pre - Pre-implementation audits
  • Mid - Implementation Review
  • Post - Implementation Audit & Review

Intelligent Technology - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)


CV matching, automated scheduling & and interviewing, chatbots, “Tinder Profile” for employees recommendations/“pathways” (what employee needs now, next, and what skills org needs), VR learning


Learning recommendations/“pathways” (what employee needs now, next, and what skills org needs), VR learning

Employee Engagement

Chatbot (for admin and more complex tasks), HR self-service & and ticketing Intelligent employee engagement platform

Internal Mobility

Skill profiles and career paths, opportunity matching, succession identification


Workforce planning, skill planning

HR - AI Use Cases

Generative AI-Predictive analytics - Staffing
Job description optimization
Job spend and media mgt
AI-based job matching
Psychometric assessment
Conversational AI- HR assistants
Sentiment and textual analysis
Automated video transcription and analysis
Career site personalization
Pay equity analysis.
Skills taxonomies
Employee sentiment
Learning recommendations
Activity & performance correlation
Career pathing

Human Capital Consulting

Strategy-Advisory - Transformation-Design services

HRM Solutions - Human Capital Consulting leverages a unique balance of e-business with a special focus on HXM, IT, and HR expertise to implement and integrate Human Capital strategies to keep organizations one step ahead of the competition.

Our Service offerings:

  • HR/HXM Strategy
  • Business Process management
  • Process Improvement
  • HR System Design
  • Change Management
  • Transformation Management
Years of experience
Project managers

Our Clients

The number one reason why our customers choose to partner with HRM Solutions is our focus on achieving their goals and ultimately their success. From setting project charters to transferring technical know-how, we work with you to ensure you are achieving your corporate business objectives and gaining the maximum benefit from the SAP HXM technology. Our highly skilled consultants become closely involved in your business to deliver the solutions you need and become valued members of your organization both at the time of implementation and as an ongoing support team. The result of our dedication and commitment is unmatched client satisfaction around the world.





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